Best Janitor AI Chatbot Alternative

The Janitor AI chatbot is down most of the time and has lots of bugs now due to high traffic and people are frustrated now with these errors & bugs.

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But the dev team trying their best to fix all these errors & bugs. But now people finding a Janitor AI chatbot Alternative until the team fixes the error & bugs and they are waiting for Jantior AI LLM or you can say Free API so you can use Janitor AI free forever. While we’re waiting for this free option let’s talk about Janitor AI Chatbot Alternative.

I have a few names that are best like janitor ai but without any errors and bugs. Actually, In a few alternatives you don’t need an API key or Proxy, you can use those platforms freely.

In this post, I’ll introduce your few alternative that good like Janitor AI and without filter. Read to the end and I’m 100% sure you don’t hear these alternatives before unless you already read about these alternatives on my site or you’re in my discord. Join my discord for hidden & exclusive content.

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Let’s dive into it!

Best Janitor AI Chatbot Alternative

I have a few names that are best like Janitor AI and you don’t hear this before. I’ll introduce your few free & paid alternative. These alternatives are accessible on Smartphones, laptops, or Desktops like Janitor AI.

In my alternative list, all of them are unfiltered platforms so you can use these platforms without worrying about OpenAI Bans when you use the OpenAI API key on Janitor AI so OpenAI banning people who try to bypass their filter & if you use my alternative you don’t need any jailbreak prompts for an unfiltered chat.

Before I introduce the alternative list, I want to tell I’m not affiliated with these alternative platforms or janitor ai, I made this post for educational purposes and to share my experience with you guys so you can choose your best platform like me.

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Before using these types of platforms, Always remember two things, whenever you use these platforms read their T&C and use a good VPN so your data & privacy will be secure. My recommendation for VPN is premium VPNs and I know most of you can’t afford but It’s a must for your security and you can this VPN everywhere, like recently publicly available Moxxie Proxy got hacked and they steal people’s IPs and their logs so if you want to secure your self then Use a Good VPN is a must.

$3.49 per month is cheap, price varies according to your location. You can get even more cheaper on holiday or Black Friday deals, the link is below so you can check your deal.

Nord VPN is the Best & Repuated VPN out there, you can use this VPN without worry, and it’s very cheap, you’ll get the best service from NordVPN you can compare any other VPN with NordVPN and know yourself, and there offer a 30-day money-back guarantee!

Now it’s time to introduce you hidden Janitor AI Chatbot Alternative:

Hi Waifu

Credit: Hi Waifu

Hi, Waifu is an unfiltered chatbot app for your Android & iOS device. Hi, waifu is an almost free-to-use app you can use this app freely and without any restrictions.

For using this app freely you need to complete tasks on a daily basis like watching Video ADs & Sharing your Referral code with your Friends so both can earn Enery. Energy is in the app token that you need to do a message in the app. For more info, you can read this post – What is Hi Waifu AI APP & How to Use it and if you want to how to earn more energy so you can read this post – Hi Waifu AI Redeem Code & How to Earn More Energy?

For now, this app is only available on Mobile Devices and you don’t need an API key or Proxy to use this APP like Janitor AI so you can use this app without worry.

In this app, you buy more Energy but ads will be shown and you don’t get premium features. For the premium feature, you need to get a Premium Plan so you can chat unlimited times with premium benefits and don’t need to do any tasks.

Venus Chub AI

Credit: Venus Chub AI

I think most of you now know about Venus Chub AI especially if you read my post. Venus Chub AI & Janitor AI are both clones of Venus AI that shut down a few weeks back. It’s an original chatbot that now is closed but when it closes within a few days few clones come into the market and First clone is Venus Chub AI and then after a few days Janitor AI was also introduced.

Venus Chub AI & Janitor AI is both are the same and if you saw their UI/UX then you’ll know. So Venus Chub AI is also an alternative option to Janitor AI. In Venus Chub AI you’ll get almost the same thing as Janitor AI but a few changes like Character are different here and some backend Improment & changes.

Venus AI is also a free chatbot AI and to use this AI you need an API key or a free proxy. Btw now you can purchase their Mars plan and chat unlimited & unfiltered with your Character.

If you want to know more about Venus Chub AI and Looking For a Free API key and proxy so you can read this post – Venus AI Chatbot Overview & How to Use or you can check Janitor AI/Venus AI section on my site, you’ll find here every detail about Venus chub AI and Janitor AI.

SpicyChat AI

Credit: SpicyChat AI

SpicyChat AI is a fully unfiltered web chatbot without any restrictions. SpicyChat is a free web chatbot that gives you full access.

SpicyChat AI is run by a single man and it’s not easy, to run a chatbot it cost money and time to manage the platform but he doing very well.

For now, Spicychat AI offers you free chat and you can use your API key if you want if you don’t have an API key or don’t want to wait in the waiting room (when traffic is high) so you can support SpicyChat AI on Patreon & you can skip the line and get other benefits for supporting SpicyChat.

For more info, you can read this post – SpicyChat AI & How to Start

SillyTavern AI

Best Janitor AI Chatbot Alternative
Credit: SillyTavern AI

SillyTavern is a user interface that you can install on your computer and Android phones for now. That allows you to interact with text generation AIs and chat/roleplay with characters freely. Silly Tavern is just an interface and You can chat with a character if you add your OpenAI API, Poe, or some other supported AI.

You may have heard from your friend about OpenAI banning API keys associated with people using JanitorAI for unfiltered stuff. This was due to the manner in which the program connect to the API (directly with browser headers). It allowed OpenAI to target connections from those clients specifically.

SillyTavern does not have the same vulnerability at all, due to the server/client split architecture that they use, which prevents connections from being targeted in the same way. However, the same OpenAI ToS rules apply to your API usage, so don’t forget this.

For Now, SillyTavern AI supports Windows, Linux, and Android and if you want to use Sillytavern on your iOS device or iPad so you can do it with your Computer, will make another post for this, so stay tuned.

If you want to know more about SillyTavern AI then, you can read this post –


For now, I added the best & my fav. Janitor AI Chatbot Alternative and will add more in the future if I find any good platform that I like & offers free service but I’ll add only once I tested and satisfy with their platform. I don’t want to suggest any platform that I don’t use personally or don’t use that platform ever but I see there are a lot of sites that posted about another platform without using or experience they just take benefits from you and don’t care about you.

If you have any queries or issues, you can always ask me on my discord I’m happy to help ASAP. My discord is open to everyone. If you find this post helpful, please share it with your friends and you can support me on Ko-fi & thanks for reading.


Janitor AI is free to use a chatbot?

Yes, Janitor AI is free to use chatbot. For using Janitor AI you need an Active API key or Reverse Proxy.

Janitor AI LLM is free?

Janitor AI team creating its own LLM and soon they will launch and they said, it will be free for everyone. For updates, you can follow me on my Discord & Twitter.


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