QuillBot AI Best Paraphrasing Tool For Students

Are you a School or College Student who wants to improve your writing? Looking for the Best Paraphrasing Tool For Students, teachers, artists, lawyers, and for you? Then you need a tool that provides you to restructure and rephrase your text in the most appropriate ways possible.

Not only that, In this tool you get lots of great tools that will help you with a Summarizer, Co-Writer, Plagiarism Checker, Word Counter, Translator, Grammar Checker, Spell Checker, Punctuation Checker, Essay Checker, and much more.

Yes, all these tools you’ll get under one platform and it’s very affordable, even tho you can use all tools for free (with limited features). How cool is that?

Let’s dive into and you’ll know whether QuillBot is the Best Tool for you or Not!

What is QuillBot AI?

QuillBot AI Best Paraphrasing Tool For Students
Credit: Quillbot

QuillBot is an advanced AI writing tool that assists you in improving your writing. It offers features like rephrasing sentences, rewriting articles, and creating AI-generated content. This all-in-one language processing and productivity tool includes grammar-checking and writing enhancement features and much more tools in under one platform.

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It caters to various writing needs such as academic writing, blogging, and proofreading. As an AI language model, QuillBot helps users craft well-structured sentences and enhance the overall quality of their writing.

How QuillBot AI Works?

Go to the website and start typing! Really, it’s that easy. QuillBot has cutting-edge NLP methods with deep learning algorithms. All of the tools are available to use for free, with upgrades and perks available through their Premium plans.

QuillBot keeps getting better with your help! The team behind QuillBot values user feedback to enhance the system. Your comments are vital in identifying and fixing any errors or inconsistencies in the output.

Key Tools of QuillBot

QuillBot AI Best Paraphrasing Tool For Students
Credit: Quillbot

QuillBot offers various types of Tools on one platform, which makes QuillBot one of the best tools in the market. QuillBot has Paraphrasing, Grammar Checker, Plagiarism Checker, Co-Writer, Summarizer, Creation generation, Translator, and much more.

All these tools are very easy to use and they definitely help you in your writing or whatever purpose you use these tools.

I don’t want to write here about these all tools because I want you to go to their site and check yourself and This post is not sponsored by Quillbot. Yes, all tools are free with limited features but you’ll get the idea and you’ll know whether Quillbot is for you or not.

Key Features of QuillBot Premium Plan

QuillBot is free and you can use this tool unlimited times but it comes with some limitations with Basic Plan (Free plan). In Quillbot Premium Plan you can get all these tools with unlimited and amazing features.

In Free you can use only 125 words in Paraphrase Tool but with the premium plan, you can use unlimited words, and not only this includes in the premium plan, you can check the comparison chart of the Free (Basic) Vs Premium Plan below.

QuillBot AI Best Paraphrasing Tool For Students

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Is QuillBot AI Best Paraphrasing Tool For Students?

QuillBot AI Best Paraphrasing Tool For Students

Now you want to know if this tool is for students or not. Then I want to tell you – these tools are used by millions of students and 85% of student report that their grades improve after using the Quillbot. Quillbot is not only for students it’s for Everyone, teachers, artists, doctors, and lawyers. Your mom, your dad, your grandma. The weird neighbor kid who’s always talking to himself. Anyone with something to say like You, hopefully. It’s for Everyone.

QuillBot AI Best Paraphrasing Tool For Students

For Everyone, who reading this post right now Quillbot offering an $8.33 per month (yearly premium plan) and this is the best time to get this tool for a year.

But I have something good for you, you can get a great discount on the yearly plan and then your per-month plan is only $6.66 for the discount code read below.

Before buying you can try it for free and then buy it or you can buy it and if you don’t like then you can get your 100% refund, Quillbot team will refund your payment within 3 days of purchase.

So relax and try, if you like it then buy for a year or months as you like but monthly plans are expensive that I don’t recommend like if you want to buy for a month then its $19.95 now it’s all in your hands if you can afford monthly then buy plan for monthly or you can buy for 6 Months at $13.33 its little cheaper then if you buy for just 1 month but the yearly plan is better, no doubts.

The most amazing feature I like is the Quillbot offer – Pause your subscription Anytime so you can pause your subscription whenever you want. Now don’t wait for anything and…

Get your Quillbot premium plan today!

QuillBot AI Best Paraphrasing Tool For Students

For Discount Code: Click on the above “Get Premium” Button and then copy this code “GOPREMIUM” and paste it into the “Add Discount Code” section at checkout. That’s it and Thank me later!

QuillBot AI Best Paraphrasing Tool For Students

Advanced Features of Quillbot

QuillBot AI Best Paraphrasing Tool For Students

Quillbot right now doesn’t have a mobile app but it’s fully optimized for mobile phones so you can use it on mobile devices easily. Quillbot has Chrome extensions that make this tool very to use and they have separate extensions for Word so you can use Quillbot very easily anywhere.

Yes, it’s available for macOS it’s a plus point for Quillbot, and like most app doesn’t available for macOS. So now you can use the Quillbot tool on your macOS device easily.

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My Experience with Quillbot

My experience with Quillbot so far is good, I personally use it many times in the last few months. I generally use it for work and for my blog. Yes, something I don’t like about Quillbot like sometimes you don’t get perfect paraphrases, and the basic plan (free) only has 125 words so it’s very limited if you want to use it for free. Plus you need to have good internet for using Quillbot, if I can use Quillbot without internet so it will be much better. I hope all these issues will resolve in the near future.

Overall I want to say, use it and know yourself and if you like it then buy the yearly plan. If you don’t like then let me know what thing you don’t like about Quillbot. You can join my discord server for discussion.


Is Quillbot the Best Paraphrasing Tool for Students?

Yes, it’s the best paraphrasing tool for everyone whether you’re students, teachers, artists, doctors, and lawyers. It’s for Everyone!

Is Quillbot Offer a Discount Code for Students?

Right now Quillbot doesn’t offer only for students but it offers a flat $19.99 on a yearly plan, for a discount code check my post.

Can Students Use Quillbot?

Yes, Students can use Quillbot without worry. Even everyone can use Quillbot without worry.

Is Quillbot Premium Plan Worth it for Students?

Well, If you like to think so. For as low as 6.66 USD/month, you’re receiving amazing tools for a Month, think about that! And if you don’t like then you can get your refund within 3 days of purchase. Try it and get it if you like!


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