Janitor AI Error Fix with Working Solution

Looking for a Janitor AI Error Solution? Upset due to failed to fetch, network error, Load failed, chat freeze error, Server is busy; please try again later, error 403, proxy error 500, Undefined – No active OpenAI keys available & you reached your quota, Undefined – No GPT-4 keys available. Try selecting a non-GPT-4 model, max_length”:[” Must be greater than or equal to 1 and less than or equal to 512, KoboldAI ran out of memory: CUDA out of memory and more errors.

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Don’t worry you’re in the right place, In this post we will cover every Janitor AI error with their working solution. Please read this post to the end and if you still have an error that I did not include in this post, you can request it on my Disord Server you just need to post your error into the #Error-Fix Channel and I’ll work on that, and find a solution for you ASAP.

Let’s dive into it!

Important note for Fixing Errors

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Before I we go into error & solution, first I need to tell you a few things that are very important for fixing errors.

  1. If my error solution does not work on your error so that’s not mean it won’t work, if it’s not working then there should be another error or you doing something wrong, and if you don’t know how to fix that then a message me on my discord server, I’ll happy to help you.
  2. In this post, I’ll cover so many errors solution that is not only for Janitor AI, these solution works also on other platforms as well like Kobold API errors, OpenAI API errors, Reverse Proxy errors, or Venus Chub ai.
  3. If you find any error that I won’t include in this post so you can message me on Discord Server.
  4. If you find an error and their 100% working solution then you can message me on Discord, I’ll check and add that error solution in this post so it can be helpful to others as well.
  5. Last but Most important thing, please read my post to the end and read my post with patience because I see most people do not read with patience, and its ends in more frustration or they say your post doesn’t have that content.

I want to add one more thing here, It’s not easy to write or make videos, So if you find my content helpful so please share my post or my youtube video with your friends or on your social media handles, it will help me a lot and also to other people as well. Sharing is free so it costs nothing and it takes only a few seconds to share.

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Janitor AI Error Fix with Solutions

If you read the important notes for fixing errors, So now we’ll find out how you fix your errors:

Failed to fetch, Network error, Load failed Error, Server is busy & Chat freezing error.

Janitor AI Error
Janitor AI Error
Janitor AI Error
Janitor AI Error

Failed to fetch, Network error, Load failed error, Server is busy & chat freeing error are the same kinds of errors that occur most of the time due to the website server being down or in high traffic on the website.

Solutions for these errors:

  1. If you see any of these errors (that I write above) while using Janitor AI then you need to first check server status. To check server status ask in Janitor AI discord, and if a server is up but it’s not working for you or in your location then the server has high traffic or has some issue with your device & internet.
  2. If the site has high traffic then you can’t do much but I’ll tell you a few things, but if the site server is down then you don’t have any solution. It’s only in the site owner’s hands, they need to upgrade their servers.
  3. If a site has traffic but not running on your device or location then you need to do a few things: First, clear your browser cache & cookie once you do then try again, if not working then Use a good VPN and try to access the website from a different location and if both are not working then try to make new API or Proxy and if all three solutions won’t work for you then its site problem, now just wait or use others AI chatbots like Venus Chub AI or Sillytavern AI.

Error 403

Janitor AI Error

Why is error 403 coming? It’s a troll from a publicly available reverse proxy owner. You use these proxies without thinking about your privacy because you want free things and free things are always a trap & lame, until or unless you get your proxy from a trustworthy source.

You’ll see these types of trolls every day and with different scripts.

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Solution for this error:

First don’t use a publicly available reverse proxy, if you do then do it at your risk, and if you want to know if this message is fake or not just check your openai account, and if it’s working then it’s a troll.

Second if you see this error and if this is real I mean your account is banned in real then I’m damn sure you break any T&C of OpenAI or it also happens when openai is blocked in your country so before using OpenAI please read their T&C.

Proxy Error 500, You Reached Your Quota & Undefined – No active OpenAI keys Error

Janitor AI Error
Janitor AI Error

These three errors “Proxy Error 500”, “You Reached Your Quota Error”, & “Undefined – No active OpenAI keys Error” will show you when your OpenAI API Key Credit is expired or finished.

Solution for these errors:

Please Add your Billing info to your OpenAI account and set your monthly limit so it will be deducted automatically from your bank account or credit card.

And if you don’t want to pay then use free Kobold API or find a publicly available free OpenAI Proxy from a trustable source.

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Undefined – No GPT-4 keys available. Try selecting a non-GPT-4 model Error

Janitor AI Error

This error will show you when the keys section in the Janitor AI server info screen may not correctly identify proxy keys as GPT-3.5 Turbo/GPT-4 unless you use to describe in the .env file in hugging face while making a reverse proxy.

It’s happening also because the site has a lot of high traffic and the current server of the site can’t handle this much traffic.

Solution of this error:

The first solution is to Check if you have GPT-4 selected, if so change it to GPT-3.5-Turbo. If you have it selected to turbo and it is still not working the Proxy key, So it’s already empty and used up, if not then try the second solution below.

Go to your Hugging Face Account and open the space that you created for your reverse proxy, you’ll find this on Hugging Face main page. Once you open your space then go to the files section and click or press on the .env file and then edit your file with the new code that I provide below. But before copying this code, you need to do some changes.

Now look into the code bottom where I write “Secret = “your-secret-key-goes-here” You need to add your OpenAI API key in between “-” after removing those words. Just copy the code and replace it with the old code and don’t forget to change the code in the .env file page, as I said above. Now click or press on the “Commit changes to Main” button and wait until you got the “Running” message on top. Once it’s running then just click/press on your space name, copy your proxy URL, and paste it again into your Janitor AI OpenAI API Reverse Proxy URL.






REJECT_MESSAGE="insertwhatever here, its a rejection message."






# Key information



I tested this and it works for me, you just need to follow every step in the correct way. If its don’t work for you then let me know on the Discord Server, and I’ll try to provide more solutions.

Error max_length”:[” Must be greater than or equal to 1 and less than or equal to 512

Janitor AI Error

This message occurs when you chat with your character and when the character reply you in big text answer or over the limit of character so this error will occur.

For example, This GPT-3.5-Turbo model’s max context length is 4096 tokens. However, your messages resulted in 4270 tokens. So just reduce the length of the messages.

Solution to this error:

Go to the top right bar button and select Generation Settings in this setting look at the bottom you’ll find Max New Token Option, you’ll see there it’s already on 0, and 0 is for unlimited character response. Now we just change this setting to below 500 or greater than 1 and One word is approximately 3-4 tokens and then save your settings and Enjoy!

KoboldAI Ran out of memory: CUDA out of memory Error

Janitor AI Error

This error occur when kKoboldAI ran out of memory due to high usage on google colab.

Solution to this error:

To fix this error just use Kobold AI TPU Version with Google Drive (if you’re using on Mobile Device or Don’t have much space on your PC/Laptop)

If this error will come again you can use TPU Model Cleaner you’ll find this at the bottom of the TPU colab page.


I try to add most of the errors with their solution and if you think I miss any error then Join me on my Discord server, will try to add ASAP with a working solution.

If you find my content helpful, please share this post with your friends or on any social media it will help a lot. It took a lot of effort and money to create a post & run this site.

Thanks for reading!


Can I fix Janitor AI Failed to fetch error?

Yes, you can but most of the time it’s due to high traffic on site.

KoboldAI Ran out of memory, how to fix this?

Use the TPU version with Model Cleaner.


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