How to Use Janitor AI with Kobold API on Mobile

This work on Mobile & Pc and Work Also with Janitor & Venus Chub AI

We all know Janitor AI just got famous because it went viral on TikTok a few days back. Now people want to Use Janitor AI for Free because they don’t want to give money for the OpenAI API key. Still, people use Kobold API on High-End computers but there are No Options for Mobile Users in Free.

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But Don’t Worry now, In this Post we’ll learn How you can use Janitor AI with Kobold API on your Mobile devices for Free forever.

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This Kobold API work with Janitor AI & Venus Chub AI Chatbot. Processes are the same for Both Platforms.

Let’s dive into it.

What do you need for Making Kobold API URL?

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Let’s Talk first about something you need to make for Kobold API URL:

First, you need a Chrome Browser, its only work perfectly on Chrome because Google Collab supports it better.

The second is Google Collab Links, Don’t worry I’ll provide you with two URLs, one is for TPU & the other is for GPU. You can try both if one is not working but I suggest using GPU one.

And the Last, working Internet connection of course.

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How to Make an API URL for Janitor AI with Kobold API?

You can use KoboldAI on Google Colab it’s easy! Even if you don’t have High-End Computer, Google Colab is an Amazing Tool, That provides you with a lot of amazing things for Free like Cloud GPU Support.

Simply follow the below steps to get your Kobolb API URL for Janitor AI or Venus Chub AI, Yes its work on both because both are a clone of Venus AI, but that shut down now. One more thing When one site is down like Janitor AI so you can Venus Chub AI because both are Clone of Venus AI. If you want to know more about them you can Read Post Below:

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Let’s Make Kobold API now, Follow the Steps and Enjoy Janitor AI with Kobold API!

Step 01: First Go to these Colab Link, and choose whatever collab work for you. You have two options first for TPU (Tensor Processing Units) – Colab Kobold TPU Link and Second for GPU (Graphics Processing Units) – Colab Kobold GPU Link. Both are good but I suggest using the GPU first, if that does not work then Use TPU.

Janitor AI with Kobold API

Step 02: Now go scroll a bit and you’ll see Tap the play button below next to “<— Tap this if you play on mobile” When you do that in a few minutes it will reveal an audio player, play the silent audio to keep the tab alive so Google will not shut you down when you’re using KoboldAI its Uses only 13MB of data.

Janitor AI with Kobold API

If no audio player is revealed your phone browser does not support Google Colab in the mobile view, go to your browser menu and enable Desktop mode before you continue.

Janitor AI with Kobold API

Step 03: Now Select the chatbot model that most describes what you would like to do, by default we have the most recommended model for people willing to try out KoboldAI selected.

Janitor AI with Kobold API

You can find Model Info down, you need to scroll a little down.

Janitor AI with Kobold API

Once you Select your model then select your Version to United, you can do it by pressing the right side down arrow button.

Janitor AI with Kobold API

After this, You use Google Drive if you want but I’m not using it, So I just unmarked that box. If you Allow Google Drive access, you’ll see a popup, just allow it, and done.

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Janitor AI with Kobold API

Now just Click the play button next to “<– Select your model below and then click this to start KoboldAI“.

Janitor AI with Kobold API

Step 04: Now it’s time to wait and sit and relax, it will start the automatic installation and Download process starts, for most models in the GPU & TPU edition expect this to take 7 to 10 minutes on average depending on the current Colab download speeds. These downloads happen through Google’s internet connection, you will not be billed by your internet provider and it will not count towards any download limits so no worry and Relax.

Janitor AI with Kobold API
The green one is not a URL, you’ll find your URL next to this in Blue Color

Step 05: After waiting a few minutes, Two Kobold URL links will appear, Just copy that URL link (URL Link will be shown in BLUE Color) and paste it into the Kobold API URL box in Janitor AI or Venus Chub AI API Settings. Then Just Press on Check Kobold URL Verify this API, if it works then Save the settings and enjoy.

If not then try with the second URL and if it’s showing you a Network error or Not Fetching error then it’s showing because the site has High Traffic so now just use another clone. As I said above Janitor AI & Venus AI both are Clones of Venus AI.

If you still facing some issues then look below for Tips and must-read. If after all this still have a problem then Comment below or ask me on Discord. Discord link at the bottom.

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Tips to get run the Google Colab & Koblod API Perfectly

Here are some tips that you need to Run Koblod API perfectly and you need these tips to work easily with Google Colab.

  • Google will occasionally show you a Captcha, typically after it has been open for 30 minutes but it can be more frequent if you often use Colab. Make sure to keep this page open while you are using KoboldAI, and check back regularly to see if you got a Captcha. Failure to complete the captcha in time can result in the termination of your session or a lower priority towards the TPUs/GPUs.
  • KoboldAI uses Google Drive to store your files and settings, if you wish to upload a soft prompt or user script this can be done directly on the Google Drive website. You can also use this to download backups of your KoboldAI-related files or upload models of your own. If Don’t want to save your stories on Google Drive for privacy then Do not use Google Drive save function and instead click Download as .json, this will automatically download the story to your own computer without ever touching Google’s hard drives. You can load this back through the Load from File option.
  • If Google shut your instance down unexpectedly then You can still make use of the Download as .json button to recover your story as long as you did not close the KoboldAI window. You can then load this back up in your next session.
  • When are you Done with KoboldAI, Just Go to the Runtime menu, click on Manage Sessions, and terminate the open sessions that you no longer need. This trick can help you maintain a higher priority toward getting a GPU/TPU.
  • When you are Out of space, Just Run Model Cleaner and this will remove all cached models (Google Drive models are not affected). You’ll Find this on TPU Colab Page at the Bottom.
  • If you get an error message saying you do not have access to a GPU/TPU instance? Do not continue and try again later, KoboldAI will not run correctly without them.

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In conclusion, we learn how to use Janitor AI with Kobold API URL. I’ll describe in detail with every step and in a very lame way. Now you can Enjoy Janitor AI or Venus Chub AI for Free on your Mobile Devices. If you still have issues then check my Youtube Video or ask me on Discord, all links will be at the bottom.

Please share this post with your friends or on any social media it will help a lot. It took a lot of effort and money to create a post like this.

Thanks for reading!


Is Janitor AI free to use?

Yes, You can use it for free with Kobold AI API URL.

Can I use Janitor AI on Mobile?

Yes, You can use it on your Mobile Device (Android or iOS) using Google Colab.

Is Janitor AI Clone?

Yes, it’s a clone of the Offical SIte Venus AI, now this site is shut down.

How to Get Kobold API URL?

You can get it in 2 ways, the first is by Using Google Colab and the Second is by Instainllg Kobold AI on your Local Machine.


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