Janitor AI Free API Key & OpenAI Reverse Proxy

Are you looking for Free OpenAI API Key for Janitor AI/Venus Chub AI? If your answer is Yes, then you’re in the right place.

In this post, I’ll provide 2-3 Janitor AI Free API Key‘s and I will provide a full guide on how you can get & how you can use them, so get ready & read everything with patience. Read to the end and follow every step if you don’t want any issues or errors when you try/use these free API/Proxy keys.

Let’s dive into this.

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What Is Free API Key & OpenAI Reverse Proxy?

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The free API key is provided by some community or individual. You can use those APIs or Reverse Proxy freely. Right Now there are 2 or 3 ways to get a free OpenAI API key & Reverse Proxy.

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Reverse Proxy uses by the community or individuals, Who offer OpenAI API Key in public for free. They use a reverse proxy for security & to manage OpenAI Key & to do other things.

Important Message

Before We Start a guide on How to get & how to use it, So I’ll let you know, a very important thing. Basically, these publicly available API keys & Reverse Proxies are not 100% Safe. I’m not saying you can’t use these API keys, many people still use these APIs & proxies, so you can. While using these APIs & proxies You can get troll messages and other spammy things. You’ll get something like this error/message

Janitor AI Error

And Still, If you want to use it, then use own your risk. I don’t take any responsibility for these APIs & Reverse proxies. I make this post for educational purposes.

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How to Get A Janitor AI Free API Key?

To get a Free OpenAI API you need to follow some steps:

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First, go to this link, It’s the PawnOsman API Key Github link.

You’ll find it here Discord Link, press on Discord blue text, and join their Discord server. If you joining their Discord server for the first time so you need to wait for 10 Minutes.

Once you join the discord server or your waiting is over, then go to #Bot Channel and type there /key and you’ll get your key. Now copy this key and Follow the Reverse Proxy Step below.

Before I go to the next step first few Important things.

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Few Important things that you need to know

First, this API key is SFW and if you want unfiltered API then check the guide below. This API key comes with a 250 API Credit per day. If you want more credit then your need to support Pawn Team and you’ll get more credit on the basis of your support level:

Supporter = 500 Credit / Day
Supporter I = 750 Credit / Day
Supporter II = 1000 Credit / Day
Supporter III = 1250 Credit / Day
Supporter IV = 1500 Credit / Day
Supporter V = 2000 Credit / Day

For more info, you can check their Discord and if you got any errors then you can ask them on their Discord server.

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How to Get a Unfiltered Reverse Proxy?

Right now there are two Unfiltered Reverse Proxy, One is provided by Pawn & another one is provided by Moxxie.

For Unfiltered Pawn Proxy

You need to make a first API key in their discord as I said above, just follow those steps and create your API key.

Janitor AI Free API Key
Credit: Pawn Discord

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Once you create your API key then go to your Janitor AI API setting and select Reverse Proxy Option and Paste the key into Reverse Proxy Key. You can check the above image.

Copy this URL – https://api.pawan.krd/unfiltered/v1 and Paste this into the OpenAI Reverse Proxy section. This is an Unfiltered Proxy and if you want SFW chat then use this proxy URL – https://api.pawan.krd/v1 instead of unfiltered and it is up most of the time.

And just press on the Save Settings button.

Now you can Enjoy it!

Unfiltered reverse proxy takes you 2x credit, which means it will take you 1 credit for 2500 tokens.

If you find this proxy won’t work then you can ask them in their discord server. Sometimes it’s down due to High traffic on the server.

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I write everything in this post about Janitor AI Free API key/Proxy keys. And Guide you through API/Proxy key process. For now, Pawn & Moxxie provides Janitor AI Free API Key & Proxy keys that are available publicly for free. If I got another free API/Proxy key then I’ll definitely include it in this post. Stay tuned and Subscribe to our Newsletter and for more updates, you can join me on My Discord server.

If you find this helpful please share this post, Sharing is Free so do it now! & If you want me to support you more so you can buy coffee on Ko-fi, you’ll find all the links at the bottom.

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Is there any Free API Key available?

Yes, for now, Pawn provides a free API key in their Discord Server.

Is there Janitor AI Free API Key Proxy?

Yes, right now Pawn provides OpenAI API Reverse Proxy URL.

How to set up API Key in Janitor AI?

Go to Janitor AI API setting and paste your API key in the OpenAI API key section, once you paste your key then press on the “Check API” button and you’ll get a message that says “Your API/Proxy is Ready” then go & Press on Save Setting button and you’re ready to use your API key.

Is reverse proxy free?

Yes, making of a reverse proxy is free but for running a reverse proxy you need an active OpenAI API key. Currently, Pawn is providing a free OpenAI API key in their Discord server.


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