Free API Key for Janitor AI & Venus Chub AI

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If you’re looking for a Free API key for Janitor AI, Venus Chub AI, or SillyTavern then I have one Free API key that works perfectly with these platforms, and it’s free. Yes, Today we gonna talk about the Aphrodite API key, and using this API you can run any 13B AI model free of cost.

In this post, I’ll provide a full guide on how you can use this API key with Janitor AI, Venus Chub AI, or any other AI Chat platform that supports the 13B AI Model.

Let’s dive into this!

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Free API Key for Janitor AI

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I already made a post on Kobold API and it is also a free option for Janitor AI and Venus AI but Today we’ll use another Free API called Aphrodite API.

I’ll start without wasting time and I’ll cover the guide here for Mobile and Desktop Users, so just follow all the steps and you’ll use this API without any hustle.

How to use Aphrodite API Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1 :

First thing first go to this link –

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Step 2 :

Once you are on this page you have to do a few things. but before one important tip, If you’re a mobile user then I suggest using the Chrome browser for the best result.

Free API Key for Janitor AI

Okay, if you’re a mobile user then you need to play the music.

Free API Key for Janitor AI

Just tap on the button and the player will pop up and you need to just play the music.

You can ignore this step if you used to run this on a PC.

Step 3 :

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Free API Key for Janitor AI

Now you need to select the Model, you can select the model by clicking or tapping on the right-side arrow button. or You can choose another 13B AI Model from Huggingface.

Once you select your model then select your Quantization, all tho it’s already selected to awq so don’t try to change to gptq because it won’t work.

Step 4 :

Free API Key for Janitor AI

Once you select your model and quantization, then click or Tap on the cell button on the left side,

Free API Key for Janitor AI

and then a new pop-up will show on your screen, you need to simply click or tap on Run Anyway and once you do that, the program will run.

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Free API Key for Janitor AI

Now you need to wait and you need to wait until you see “Unicorn Running“.

Step 5 :

Free API Key for Janitor AI

Once you see Unicorn Running, then you need to copy your tunnel link and you’ll find this link a little above from Unicorn Running Line.

Once you find the Tunnel Link, Simply copy that link and once you copy that link.

Step 6 :

Now open your fav. AI chat platforms like Janitor AI or Venus Chub or whatever you like and remember if the platform support Kobold API so this API will run perfectly, that’s what I found when I tested this on a few platform.

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Now simply paste this link in the API section after selecting the Kobold API option. Once you paste your link, then you need to manually add /api to the end of your link, and remove space if there is any.

For example: This is my link – now just add /api so your link will become like this –

And one more thing if you using SillyTavern then you don’t need to do this step. You can skip this step.

Step 7 :

Free API Key for Janitor AI
Testing with Janitor AI and working properly
Free API Key for Janitor AI
Testing with Venus Chub AI and working properly

Once you are done with your link, now save the setting and you’re ready to mingle with your Character!😉

One Last Tip – Do not close the Collab Page, just move to a new page and open AI chat there, and enjoy there.

And it’s Done!

Now I’ll leave this here and you can go enjoy yourself with your fantasy character. If you have any issues or problems getting this API or it does not work for you then my Discord is always open for you, I’m happy to help there as much as I can.

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Lastly, I want to shout out to MustacheAI YouTube because from his channel I know about this API & he is doing a good job, so don’t forget to subscribe to his channel.


Is there a Janitor AI Free API?

Yes, Kobold API and Aphrodite API is free API to use and I write about both API on my site

Is Janitor AI LLM Available?

No, it’s still in beta, and the Janitor AI Team is Testing it out I hope they will release it publicly soon.

Is Janitor AI free to use?

Yes, Janitor AI is free to use but if you need to chat with a character then you need an API key to use the Janitor AI platform.

What is Janitor AI API Meaning?

Janitor AI is an AI chat platform and API stands for Application Programming Interface.


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