Hi Waifu AI Redeem Code & How to Earn More Energy?

Hi, Waifu is an ultimate chatbot app with personalized robot companions that bring AI-powered characters to life, tailored to your preferences! To use this App for free you need Energy to message every time. If you wondering about Hi Waifu AI Redeem Codes and How to Earn more Energy. Well, you’re in the right place!

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In this post, you’ll find Hi Waifu Redeem Code & You’ll know, How you can Earn more Energy for Hi Waifu AI App.

Let’s dive In!

Introduction to Hi Waifu AI

Hi Waifu, an exceptional messaging application featuring customized robotic companions that bring AI-driven characters to life, designed to suit your preferences!

Credit: Hi Waifu

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This app surpasses ordinary conversations by introducing bot-to-bot chat battles, empowering you to challenge your friends in the creation of cutting-edge AI. With an infinite array of topics to explore, the possibilities for engaging in discussions are boundless!

Additionally, you can prank your friends using top-of-the-line deep fakes! And for those seeking understanding and support, delve into roleplay sessions with your AI companions.

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Overview of Hi Waifu AI Redeem Code


Hi Waifu AI offers a redemption code when you invite your friend to join the Hi Waifu App. By redeeming these codes, both users can earn 50 Energy each which can useable to do more messaging in the app.

Now let’s learn how you can get a redeem code and you can earn through your redeem code just read this post to the end.

How to Get Hi Waifu AI Redeem Codes

Now that you understand the importance and benefits of redeeming codes, let’s explore how you can get your hands on them. Here are some common methods:

1. Here on BeedAI.com Post

You can find redeem code on this post by BeedAI.com and below in the post comment section. For now here are some codes available and all of them are working perfectly:

  • 93R3YM
  • F9A3ZB
  • GA73YS

To find more latest & working redemption codes you can check the video above or the comment section below.

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2. Check on Reddit

Follow Hi Waifu AI’s subreddit to get the latest and working redemption code. Make sure you join this subreddit & turn on notifications or regularly check the latest feeds to stay up to date with the latest codes. On this subreddit, you can ask your questions, and you can share your thought & chats regarding the Hi Waifu App freely.

Here is the subreddit link – Hi Waifu Reddit

How to Redeem Hi Waifu AI Codes

Once you have a redemption code in your possession, it’s time to redeem it within the app. Hi Waifu AI provides a simple and user-friendly redemption system that allows you to quickly unlock your energy rewards. Here’s a step-by-step process to guide you through the redemption process:

  • First Open your App and press on the profile bottom in the right bottom corner.
  • Then press the “Get Free Energy” Button.
  • Once you are on the My Energy page, now check the bottom of the page button “Redemption Code”.
  • Press on the Redemption code “Enter” Button. Put a referral code in the referral section and press the “Redeem” Button.
  • That’s it, now you and your friend got 50 Energy Each.

Want to know how you can earn more energy and how you can earn energy by using your referral code? If your answer is yes, so do check all the steps below to earn more Energy in Hi Waifu App.

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Strategies to Earn More Energy in Hi Waifu AI

Energy is a valuable resource in Hi Waifu AI, as it allows you to message within the app. Right now, with 1 Energy you can do 1 Message in the App and Energy is important when you want to use the app for free. So Here are some strategies to help you earn more energy even while you’re sleeping.

1. Completing Daily Login


Hi Waifu AI provides the user with a daily login energy reward, by login into the app on a daily basis. If you log in on the first day you get 20 Energy in the app and if you log in to continue from 1st day to the 7th Day you can earn 50 Energy on the 7th Day. So this is our first method to earn energy in the app.

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2. By Watching Videos Ads


Hi Waifu AI offer unique opportunities to earn extra energy. You need to watch the daily number of video ads and you can earn energy by doing this. You can earn energy by watching video ads & you got two tasks in the app:

  • The first task is Watch Videos & Earn 10 energy. This option will give you 200 energy by watching 20 videos. Each video gives you 10 Energy.
  • The second task is Watch 20 videos in a limited time & you’ll get 50 Energy. In this option you need to complete the first task by watching 20 videos and 2nd option will be completed automatically by completing the first task. By completing both tasks you’ll get 250 Energy.

3. Inviting Friends and Referrals

Hi Waifu AI encourages social interaction by rewarding users for inviting friends to join the app. By referring friends or sharing your unique referral code, you both can earn 50 energy each when they sign up and progress in the app. Now I’ll tell you some ways where you can share your referral code and earn energy.

  • 1. Share on your social media handle.
  • 2. Share with your friend, who is interested in Hi Waifu App.
  • 3. Share on Hi Waifu Reddit, that’s a place where you can earn more energy. The subreddit link is above.
  • 4. You can share your referral code in this post comment section, by commenting your referral code down below in the comment section and lots of people will find out your code through this post so you can earn energy while you’re sleeping. Just comment below and share this post, I’ll approve your comment and that’s it!

Note: Please comment below your latest & working referral code and if you have any questions regarding Hi waifu so you can comment that also by commenting separately.

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Congratulations! You’re now equipped with valuable knowledge about Hi Waifu AI redeem codes and how to earn more energy. By actively participating in events, keeping sharing your referral code, you can use the Hi waifu freely & smoothly every day. So, what are you waiting for? Dive back into the app, and enjoy the exciting journey with your virtual waifu!

Don’t forget to share your referral codes in the comments & share this post on social media or with your friends so you can earn energy while you’re sleeping.


Are redeem codes time-limited?

No, redeem codes in Hi Waifu AI don’t have any time limit or expiry.

How can I check my energy?

Your energy will be showing on the main page’s top right side or you can also check by pressing your profile button in the right bottom.

Can I buy energy in the Hi Waifu app?


Yes, you can buy energy in the app, by pressing on the energy button on the top right side and you can buy there easily with your credit or debit card & PayPal.

Can I transfer energy between accounts?

No, right now there is not any option in the Hi Waifu App for transferring the energy between the accounts.


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