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Today, I’ll introduce you new Unfilterd and Free AI chatbot called Sakura AI Chat. This is gonna be your new alternative to Character AI. I know you guys looking for a free and no filter platform and you already use so many but trust me this is good and this will be your new favorite or maybe not. It totally depends on you, and what you looking for but it’s a good platform, Give it a try and then decide.

In This post, I will deep dive into the Sakura AI chatbot and I’ll provide a full guide on how to log in/Sign up to the Pros and Cons of Sakura FM.

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Let’s dive into this!

What is Sakura AI Chat?

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Sakura AI Chatbot

Sakura AI Chat is a Free, Unfilterd, and Unlimited AI Chatbot platform. Where you can chat without any restrictions and unlimited times with your favorite fantasy character. Sakura AI is Hosting a 13B Model for Free of Cost so you can use this platform without paying any penny.

For using Sakura you don’t need any API Key, don’t need to wait in a queue, and don’t need to watch the Ads. This is for now but we don’t know about the future and how the Sakura Team will survive. But overall it’s a good platform sign and if you’re looking for Character AI or Chai’s new alternative with no filter and Free to use then Sakura must be on your list.

Pros And Cons of Sakura AI Chat

Let’s start with the Pros first:

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Pros of Sakura AI

  • Sakura AI Chat UI/UX is very Simple and Clean to use.
  • Sakura AI has an app on the Google Play Store and Apple Store as well.
  • For now, while I’m writing this post, it’s totally free to use the AI chat platform.
  • On Sakura, You can create your own character.
  • You can edit or delete your chat without paying any $.
  • Easy to Login/Signup to Sakura AI.
  • Unfiltered Chats for Unlimited Times, there are not any restrictions on Sakura AI.
  • Tons of Filter and Unfilter Characters are available for chat.

Cons of Sakura AI

  • Very Simple UI/UX with fewer features.
  • It’s a bit slow sometimes.
  • You need to re-generate a response a few times to get the right result.

Sakura fm Down

Sakura AI Chatbot
  • When I was testing the platform, I saw the bot not working due to server down or maintenance. I hope it’s not a regular thing and So far these are the cons I found in Sakura AI and That’s a good sign of a good platform.

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How to Login/Sign up to Sakura AI?

Sakura AI Chatbot

Login/Signup in Sakura AI is Very Easy. You get 3 options for Login/Signup first is with Apple, second is with Discord and last third option is with your Email.

Just visit and log in/Sign up there and you can use the platform without paying any penny.

How to Use Sakura AI Chat?

Sakura AI Chatbot

Once you’re login/sign up for Sakura, just choose your character and you’re ready to play. That’s it! Isn’t so easy and if you want to make your own character or Import your character as well,

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Sakura AI Chatbot

by tapping on the Top left side button. And you can create or Import your character there easily.

How Easy it was, Isn’t it? Right!

Is there a Sakura AI Chat Alternative?

Well, Sakura is a good platform but if you want to explore more options then there are a few like Sakura one. For example – Aisekai AI, Yodayo AI Tavern, Hi Waifu, and a few others. Overall I would say Sakura is not that bad but Sakura Team Just started this project so I think in the near future they will make this platform one of the best AI chatbot platform!

For another alternative you can check my Guide category, where you’ll find lots of AI Chatbots.


In conclusion, Sakura AI is a Good AI Chatbot platform and the Sakura Team Doing there Best. And I hope they will continue like this and make Sakura one of the Best AI chatbot platforms in the Market. All tho everyday a new AI chat platform coming and tries to give its best to users. Overall it’s a good thing for users.

These days everyone wants unfiltered chat and without paying a penny, if we look in practicality for the long term it’s a little difficult but let’s see who will become one of the best AI chatbot platforms in the near future.

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Note: This post is not sponsored or affiliated by the Sakura Team in any way. All words are mine.


Is Sakura fm Free?

Yes, Sakura fm is free to use AI chatbot platform.

Is Sakura AI has mobile App?

Yes, Sakura AI has a mobile App for Android and iOS.

Sakura AI works on which model?

Sakura AI works on a 13B+ param model and In the future, a 70B custom model will be added.

Is Sakura AI Allow unfiltered Chat?

Yes, Sakura AI allows unfiltered chats (NSFW) and there is no restriction.


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