Yodayo AI Tavern Free and Unfilter Chatbot

These days there are a lot of AI chatbots in the market that come with No Filter and give you the freedom to use their platform free of cost. Nowadays, People finding Character AI alternatives with No Filter and free Platforms. They don’t want to pay for using these services and that’s where these type of chatbot comes like Yodayo AI Tavern.

Today we’ll deep into the Yodayo Tavern world and I’ll give you the full Yodayo Tavern Guide/Tutor so you can enjoy this AI without any hustle.

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Let’s dive into it!

What is Yodayo AI Tavern?

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Yodayo AI Tavern
Credit: Yodayo

Yodayo AI is an AI native social network for vtuber, anime fandom, and an AI Art Generator Platform but recently they added Tavern AI. If you’re active in the AI chatbot community So, you know about Tavern AI. But here Yodayo Team did a good job with Tavern. They make it Tavern simple, easy, and free to use (yes, for now, while I’m writing this post it is free to use).

All tho their AI Art Generators come with paid plans like for generating AI Art you need YoBeans. But when you sign in you’ll get 300 YoBeans and you’ll receive 150 Yobeans on Daily Basic and you can generate their Amazing Anime Characters and beautiful art. But here in this post, we’ll talk about Yodayo Tavern only.

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Key Feature of Yodayo AI Tavern

Yodayo AI Tavern
Credit: Yodayo

Here we’ll discuss some Features of Yodayo Tavern Chat:

  • Tavern Chat UI/UX is Simple and Clean to use.
  • For now, it’s free to use AI Chatbot
  • You can create your own character.
  • Easy to Login/Signup to Yodayo AI.
  • Unfiltered Chats for Unlimited Times, there are not any restrictions.

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How to Login/Sign up to Yodayo AI?

Yodayo AI Tavern

Login/Signup in Yodayo is Very Easy. You get 3 options for Login/Signup first is with Google, second is with Apple and last third option is with your Phone Number.

Just visit to Yodayo.com and log in/Sign up there and you can use the platform without any hustle.

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How to Use Yodayo AI Tavern?

Yodayo AI Tavern

Once you log in/sign up for Yoadyo, just click on the Tavern button and a new page will open. Once you’re on the Tavern Page you need to select your character from the characters section.

Once you find your character, just click or press on the character and start chatting with your character. That’s it!

Isn’t simple and easy to use Yodayo AI Tavern? Right.

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A few Cons of Yodayo AI Tavern

As we know there is no perfect thing and like this Yodayo AI Tavern has some cons:

  • Yodayo AI has a mobile App on Google Play Store and Apple Store but both don’t provide a Tavern option in the App. If You need to use Tavern then you need to use it in your browser.
  • Yodayo AI Tavern is Slow when comes to chatting with a character.
  • There is no option to Delete or Edit a single chat of Character, you need to delete your chat completely.
  • It’s a bit slow and not a good memory.
  • You need to re-generate a response a few times to get the right result.

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Is there a good Yodayo AI Tavern Alternative?

Yes, there are some good alternatives but overall I would say Yodayo AI Tavern is not that bad and it is in beta so maybe the Yodayo Team will work on this and make one of the best AI chats in the market. who knows, right?

For another alternative you can check my Guide category, there you’ll find lots of amazing AI Chatbots.

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In conclusion, all I say Yodayo Team doing good and I hope they’ll do more good work in the near future. All I know is if the character AI doesn’t allow unfiltered chat so new AI chat will come like this and the character AI will become a dead zone. These days everyone wants unfiltered chat, everyone is like naughty stuff these days. I hope the Yodayo team will do good work in the future and make Tavern AI Chat the best in the market. Big kudos to Yodayo Team.

Note: This post is not sponsored or affiliated by Yodayo Team in any way. All words are mine, if I like something so I write like this and like I did before for eg. Hi Waifu, Janitor AI, etc.

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Yodayo AI Tavern is Free to use?

Yes, Yodayo AI Tavern is a free-to-use AI Chat platform.

Does Yodayo AI Tavern have a mobile App?

Yes, but Tavern AI is not available on the mobile app for now. For using Tavern you need to use your browser on your device.

Is there a Yodayo AI Tavern Alternative?

Yes, there are lots of alternatives, for more, you can check on beedai.com

How to get Yodayo AI free Yobeans?

For free Yobeans, you need to visit the app on a daily basis and you’ll get 150 Yobeans according to your Timezone.


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